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"Original, informative, funny, great music!" - Claire Mazenod (Shearsby Show 30.4.18)

"Really entertaining & funny as well as informative" - Fiona Candlin-Gill (Shearsby Show 30.4.18)

"Informative - Humourous. A couple of hours well spent. Liked the personal touch!" - Jackson (Shearsby Show 30.4.18)

"Very entertaining, really good. Loved learning about history in this way" - Pam Crowdell (Shearsby Show 30.4.18)

"Thanks for such an entertaining evening, which entertained your audience in Arnesby aged 5 to 95!
We are extremely pleased with a profit of £250 for our village hall funds
Thanks again and good luck in Brighton!"
                                                  - Brian and Sue (Arnesby Village Hall)

"Brilliant! Made our visit to Leicester" - Glennis Cunliffe (Port Elizabeth, South Africa)

"Great show. So entertaining! We came back twice! A must see!" - Becky Dattani (Port Charlotte, Florida, USA)

"A great, relaxed, interesting and professional show. Really enjoyed it. Thank you Anthony" - Carolyn Bradbeer (Leics)

"Epic and funny" - Reuben (Aged 7)

"Well done!! As a former teacher, I can say emphatically that this show is a wonderful way to teach history. Children learn through song!!" - Joyce Keller (Houston, TX USA)

"Terrific enrichment for students understanding of history!

Highly recommended!" - Sheryl Braile (Retired Teacher, Idaho, USA)

"Excellent show. I work at a school and will be mentioning your show to the Head Teacher. I'm sure our older pupils will love it. Thanks!!" - Jo Wykes (Aylestone, Leicester)

"A great way to round off our RIII experience - thank you" - E Davies (Cleethorpes)

"Excellent show" - Barrie Jaimeson (Maldon, Essex)

"Very good. Will be buying the CD. Thanks" - Miss J Roberts (Leicester)

"Fantastically dry and witty - Great fun!" - Rachel Lowe (Leics)

"Very witty, entertaining and musically very good. Pleasure to watch" - Aidan Knifton (Leicester)

"Fantastic treat to hear modern folks songs linking to this historic event! Great piece to take to other settings. Good luck with futher adventures" - Nicola Timson (Maldon, Essex)

"'Who Owns The Bones?' will stay with me long beyond the grave" - Anon

"A 'tour de force'. Funny, educational and inspirational! 20 minutesvery well spent" - Ben (Leicester )

"Brilliant lighthearted and memorable look at history - enjoyed by 72 years to 2 years! Thank you" - P. Coplin (Leicester)

"Very good show" - Pat Winn (Ganllwyd, North Wales)

"Excellent show - please do a CD - Could use it in teaching" - Scot (Harrogate)

"Brilliant. A breath of fresh air!" - AJS (Burbage)

"Very entertaining and informative" - Richard Bowman (Otley, W Yorks)

"Very educational - funny, witty and entertaining. Much like" - Elaine Statham (Thornton)

"Really enjoyed the songs. Educational in a fun way! Would be great in schools" - Catherine (Leicester)

"Really witty and refreshing approach to Richard III" - Kit Fordham (Leicester)

"Excellent show! Entertaining, fun and interactive! Brilliant for children of all agses - learn by watching/entertainment"  - C Hood (Leicester)

"If you only have 20 minutes this is the thing to do!" - Mitch (Mansfield)

"Great fun. Very informative. Good length too" - K Wildin (Leics)

"Excellent good fun - just long enoug for children (and pensioners) - J Aucott (Wigston)

"Wry and educational - my favourite combo!" - Alison Dunne (Leics)

"Very good. Very  clever" - Steve Sayers & Family (Leicester)

"Wonderful! And then some" - Neil (Leicester)

"Excellent historical entertainment! Funny and educational"  - Ivan Smith (Leek, Staffs)

"Really good. The lyrics were cleverly written and to the point"  - Preeti Sanghera (Leicester)

"I happened on the show by chance and was very pleased I did. Good singing and amusing and interesting. Thoroughly enjoyable - thank you" - Miss K M Gray (Wigston Magna, Leicestershire)

"Witty, clever, funny, educational and musical. Loved it!"  - Anne Johns

"A very clever and witty performance. Thank you for an unexpected delight as part of our visit"  - John Gray (Cumbria)

"So entertaining! You learn a lot about history from the lyrics. I only wish it was on longer!"  - Becky (Leicester)

"Very funny, educational and just the right historical tone" - Brigid MacDermot

"Excellent - A must see!" - Kureczko Family (Swadlincote)

"It was funny" - George M - Aged 9 (Leicester)

"Really enjoyed it! Super catchy and very entertaining" - Abbie (Leicester)

"Most enjoyable and interestng" - Bill Disley (Leicester)

"Excellent performance and catchy songs" - Isabel Cartwright (Arnesby, Leics)

"Very enjoyable - would be an exciting and interesting way to teach children about history through music"  - Mrs. Sullivan (Birmingham)

"Fantastic! Very clever! A great, spontaneous 20 mins out of our day"  - Ellie Owen (Burbage)

"Absolutely brilliant!! Schools would benefit from this.

Would buy the CD!"  - Jenna Jones (Leics)

"Amazing!!! Best show ever. AWESOME!! Anybody would buy the CD"  - Max Dean (Oakham)

"Super show" - Samuel (Oakham)

"Good and fun lyrics and catchy songs" - Chim

"Great fun for all the family. Would be fantastic educational resource!" - Luke Owen (Burbage, Leics)

"Super show. Enjoyable and eduacational" - Simon Dean (Oakham)

"Brilliant show & very informative. Keep it up. All the best"  - Simon Zimba (Leicester)

"Amazing. Very educational. Love it!!!" - Mbaneme (Leicester)

"Should be funded! Excellent show" - Lisa Capell (Leicester)

"Superb and very amusing. Great Rhythms" Anon (Nr Stamford)

"V Witty and entertaining songs. Will be v popular everywhere"  - K Turner (Leicester)

"Excellent show" - Dave & Jess (Marple Bridge)

"Fun, inspiring, fab" - Lola Wright (Leicester)


"Very good show! It's very fast singing! Very good room set up"  - Alice Pearce (Aged 10 - LE32)

"Very funny and informative" - C Kelly (Yorkshire!)

"Entertaining - learning history through songs! Fun :) - N Jacques (Weybridge)

"Very entertaining and a great idea!" - Muriel Russell (Leicester)

"Very much enjoyed the show. If anything, too short! Very clever words and we enjoyed joining in. Good luck" - Tracy Johnson (Wallington, Surrey)

"Excellent little show" - Jo Williamson (Foxton, Leics)

"Good fun. Educational" - E Jones (Wiltshire)

"Brought the whole 'event' to life" - Anon

"Magic - A nice way to make history real" - Paul Brookes (Walsall)

"Excellent, witty, amusing. Schools would love this" - Anon

"I loved it. It was so cool. It's like Horrible Histories!"  - Annie Finnerty (Leics)

A selection of feedback from Upstairs at The Globe 23.3.15 to 29.3.15

"Really brilliant - very funny, informative and relevant - enjoyed and would recommend!" - Zoe Van de Velde (Leics)

" Very good and historically interesting" - Jayne Matthews (Essex)

"Excellent show, particularly if you like folk music" - Richard Morrell

"Absolutely superb. Thoroughly enjoyable 20 minutes" - G Ven De Velde (Notts )

"Excellent. Very refreshing" - Richard Gough (Leics)

"Very good show. Hope you do well with it. Informative and entertaining"  - Paulline & Joseph McMullen (Bucks)

"Cute and enjoyable! :) It was a great show, well worth our time. Great laugh!"  Ember (California)

"Brilliant show! Witty lyrics had me laughing from start to finish!"  - Jamie Browne (N. Ireland)

"Love the show. Very entertaining. Rivaled Horrible Histoies in humour" - Freya Hansen (Sussex)

"Very Good and entertaining" - F Brown (Scotland)

"It was a very entertaining and fun way to learn about history"  - Marnie Ray, 12 yrs (Grays, Essex)

"Absolutely brilliant! Informative, entertaining and very clever. One of the highlights of the day"  - Michelle and Linda (Leicester)

"Very entertaining. Good way of learning history" - Jocelyn Morrison (Leicester)

"Excellent show - very amusing and will be great in schools" - Julie Ryder (Grays, Essex)

"Very enjoyable. Informative and funny - a good way to spend 20 minutes - recommended"  - Denise Long (Southampton)

"Great fun, particularly the 1000 year history" - Bev & Neil Coope(Loughborough)

"Outstanding. Good entertainment and informative" - David Bell (Birmingham)

"Brilliant. Great fun" - Julia Mclaren (Newcastle on Tyne)

"Loved the show - good luck" - Val Middleton (Newcastle on Tyne)

"Fabulous. And Kings & Queens is a comprehensive and humourous guide  - and accessible to all ages!!" - Deborah Burgess (Birmingham)

"Excellent, thank you" - Laura Morgan (Bristol)

"Wonderful, clever and funny" - Mel (U.S.A.)

"Brilliant! I need the CD for a Prof friend of mine (and for myself)"  - Jill (Canada)

"Great Show. Educational and good fun" - Ana Gunzalez 

"Excellent show and humour. Fabulous idea" - Phil & Caroline (Halifax)

"Brilliant. Great words & observations and humour - loved it!"  - Christina (London)

"Brilliant" - Kate Edwards (Wales)

"Really very funny, creative lyrics" - Sue & Dave Sharrocks (Northampton) 

"Great fun" - Liz Lock (New Milton)

"History in the making" - S. Harvey